Yes. We have no bananas

We have no bananas.

I had these beautiful banana resting on the sunniest windowsill. They were finally beginning to ripen and I went to bed dreaming of the bountiful feast that I was going to have the next day; bananas and berries for breakfast.


However my dreams of creamy bananas were destroyed the next morning when I woke up to discover that my housemate had thrown the bananas out! Why? Because they were going brown!



A Whole Kilo

So I’m a week in to my fruity journey and I have to say that its been going pretty well. While I may have made the odd slip with dairy, completely accidentally {eating something that I forgot to check was free of furry friends}, over all I’ve been off the animal products and I’m feeling rather good about it.

None of the side affects that I have been hearing so much about have really hit me. No swelling, bloating or spot break outs. No drop in energy, headaches or fainting. No, my teeth aren’t falling out, I’m not falling over from potassium poisoning and I’m most certainly not suffering the most fatal of all, becoming “THAT” annoying Vegan nob head.

Okay well I am peeing a lot! {Sharing too much?}

I’m hungry. The issue is that I haven’t been shoving enough food into my mouth in order to make the calorie intake minimum. In fact most of the time I don’t even come near to the beginner target of 2,500 a day. Its actually kind of worrying. I don’t really have a crazy history of dieting, and I’ve always had a “good” appetite, but the sheer amount of food that I need to eat in one sitting in order to reach the target is crazy! However I have a number of issues:

  1. I don’t own a juicer/blender. As I understand it, the quickest way for a fruitarian to pack in the calories is to juice up 20 bananas, a few dates or berries and drink/eat that for breakfast/lunch. As I don’t really have that option, I have to eat all my fruit and by the time I’m on my sixth grapefruit I’m kinda fed up {in every sense} and not really in the mood/ hungry enough to continue on to fill my belly and meet my calorie aim for that meal.
  2. Secondly, and this is definitely a major hindrance to my becoming fruity, and indeed compounds the above problem. I DON’T BUY ENOUGH FRUIT. Those six pack of nectarines really aren’t going to cut it {Although maybe soon I will have a six pack from nectarines! Get it? *Boom Boom*}. The fab little green grocer around the corner for me is great, but its expensive. While not as expensive as a steak {not that I’ve ever bought steak} buying that much fruit does add up, particularly that my budget is about to become incredibly tight over the next few months. There is one of those big German supermarkets that does sell cheap fruit not too far from me in a car, but I’m currently carless and so I’d need to take two buses, but I am seriously considering over the summer to make that trip once a week. The next place I can think of to buy an abundance are the early morning fruit markets in the inner city. But I don’t really know what the deal is there, I think you have to be there at like 6am to get the good stuff and I don’t know if they sell to individuals or they just do bulk orders to the hospitality industry. But again, I have a bit of a treck there, which is totally fine on the way there but on the way back with all that fruit. I’d need one of those cart on wheels things that delivery guys have when they bring that new fridge/washing machine/TV.
  3. At the moment my whole life is going through a bit of a flux; college, work, home, family, opinions and  beliefs are all changing. Life is a bit crazy at the moment and adopting this lifestyle is great and I am committed to it, now is the time to do it and make this step regardless of what else is going on. However the madness does mean that I am not in a routine and so eating is a bit hit and miss, hence being hungry, not near my calorie intake and beginning to get cravings for things that I never even ate in my “normal” diet before hand – those Haribo mixture of sweets in that blue packet has been calling to be solidly for a week now. In order to solve this issue, I need to buy enough fruit in order to eat it and invest in a blender so that I have a much easier way to consume food while on the move rather than continuing with this sporadic way of eating that is really not helping my stick with things.

So in identifying the issues, today for dinner I ate a whole Kilo of Potatoes {That’s 2.204 pounds} 🙂


New Beginnings

Welcome to the beginnings of what I hope is a long yet wonderful journey for me. I am on the cusp of being a fledgling fruitarian, and I want this blog to be an open diary of my experience with this abundant lifestyle.

I go by Gibbon – its a funky looking monkey that happily feasts on fruit so what better name to go by?! 😛 Although I don’t quite live among the trees, I am a Northern hemisphere city apartment dweller in leafy suburbia with a great little fruit and veggie a super short walk away so seasonal produce accessible all year round 🙂

I’m 5’8″  with a 29″ waist and weigh 60kg {That is about 130lbs or 10stone}. My BMI says that I am a good weight for my height, but I really don’t feel good in myself and that is my motivation to begin this lifestyle. Sometimes I get really down in myself about how I look, but more so how I feel in myself. As you can see there is a lot I would like to change about my physical appearance and I am hopeful that with commitment to the RawTill4 High Carb Low Fat Vegan lifestyle and consistent exercise I will reach my goals.

May 2014 2


Having said all that and in no way a justification as to my flabbiness, I really do think I lead a healthier lifestyle to that of some of my peers. I eat a lot of fruit and veggies, I drink nearly exclusively water {thankfully I never got a taste for tea or coffee}. Further, I think I’m a reasonably active person, friends slag me about how fast I walk so I’ll take it as a compliment and a step on my way to being a super active healthy being.

I have chosen to follow RawTill4 because I live in the Northern hemisphere, more specially in a country with little fruit growing potential. The weather is just not conducive to anything more than autumnal berries. Therefore it is important to be able to eat lots of veggies in the winter time, heck I even need to be able to fall back on veggies in the summer!

I come from a bit of a lefty lifestyle and have been aware of vegan and fully raw diets for a while. However I never really thought it was much of a healthy way of eating, when the people I knew eating that way looked ill. Either too skinny from living on salad and olive oil sandwiches with Hula Hoops or quite over weight from eating really high fat vegan snacks or lots of avocado. Then one day I stumbled across Feelee the Banana Girl when I was looking at Youtube videos in how to achieve a flat stomach. I have to admit I thought she was a little extreme at first, but soon I found myself compelled to watch her videos and quickly I came around to her way of thinking and the logical of being a Fruitarian. I mean we can save the planet after all! Soon I came across Fully Raw Kristina and her recipes made me think that being a vegan is not that restrictive after all! I began researching the lifestyle and seeing all these people who found amazing benefits to the lifestyle, benefits that I need to incorporate into my life, so here I am, giving it a go.

So here I am beginning my raw food journey!

May 2014