Yes. We have no bananas

We have no bananas.

I had these beautiful banana resting on the sunniest windowsill. They were finally beginning to ripen and I went to bed dreaming of the bountiful feast that I was going to have the next day; bananas and berries for breakfast.


However my dreams of creamy bananas were destroyed the next morning when I woke up to discover that my housemate had thrown the bananas out! Why? Because they were going brown!



Day One

So today my mission to eat RawTill4 got under way and I have already learnt things to be aware of for tomorrow.


Confession time; it would appear that this breakfast should really be brunch considering that I didn’t wake up until near on mid-day. My only defense is that I had a pretty intense 3 hour exam the day before. Yeah, I’m starting this life style in the middle of exams, smart right?!

Anyway, for breakfast I decided to make a smoothie. While I was doing this though I did have a big glass of fruit juice {300mls} – making sure that it was totally natural with no added bad stuff 🙂


Day One: Banana Berry Smoothie

Day One: Banana Berry Smoothie

  • Banana Berry Smoothie
  • 2 Bananas
  • 1 cup of Strawberries
  • 1 cup of Raspberries
  • 1 tablespoon of Honey {Okay, so honey is not strictly vegan and I think you can do without it but I was following a vegan recipe}.
  • Blend the ingredients together with ice until smooth and enjoy!

It was absolutely delicious and kept my full for about four hours when I had a sneaky nectarine – they’re coming into season in this part of the world, really juicy and sweet.


Okay I have to admit that I fell down a little bit at lunch time although I think it was down to lack of planning more so than anything else. I definitely didn’t get close to the 1,000 calories that I was aiming for at lunch time. I had three grapefruits and about 150g of Strawberries. I really was just trying to find stuff to eat more than anything. I’m not sure how well those combine as fruit groups, but I’m guessing that Strawberries as part of the berry family are semi-acid and the grapefruits are acid groupings and they seemed to digest well so I don’t think it was too bad.

However I really didn’t “Carb Up” enough, because by dinner time I was absolutely starving. I actually got a bit shaky, I think I suffered a bit of a sudden drop in blood sugar levels. This is something that I have definitely taken from today and I think it was an important lesson for me.


Past 4pm and I’m able to eat cooked high carb vegan food. I made pasta, and this is where I think I got my measurements right, I had nearly two bowls of pasta, which is what I think I needed to be aiming for anyway. It was corn pasta with a vegan tomato sauce, no added nasties.

Having said that is is now nearly 10pm and I am a bit hungry so I really do need to eat more during the day. I just think that the amount that you need to eat on this lifestyle is a bit daunting at first and you really do need a lot of fruit if you plan on eating a mono meal lunch as I had kind of half planned on. Hopefully tomorrow will pan out better, but over all I think today was a reasonable success with lots learnt and not as difficult as I thought it would be to incorporate into daily life. Here’s hoping it can continue with every success and fewer hunger pangs.


Fruity Gibbon 🙂